Koinonia Coffee House is now sponsoring WESTerday Trivia

Koinonia Coffee House, 136 S. Adams St. (adjacent to Metro Pkwy), (601) 960-3008

Growing up, the grown folks would always say “you have not because you ask not.” When I became one of those grown folks, I realized that my elders were simply quoting the Bible. Why am I telling you this? I guess because WESTerday Trivia never had a prize to give away because I never asked anyone for a prize!

Things have changed though. This past Saturday, during the WESToration Event, I asked Lee Harper (owner of Koinionia Coffee House) if she would like to donate a prize for WESTerday Trivia. Her response was that not only would she give a prize, but she would give a prize each week until she couldn’t give any more!


Sooo, what does that mean for you? That means that every Thursday, we will ask the trivia as usual. You’ll have an opportunity to answer here on the blog. Correct answers will be placed in the correct answer pool and a winner will be drawn randomly each week from those correct answers. Correct entries will be numbered in the order received and a random number sequence will be generated at random.org. Entries must be received by 6:59 p.m. on the day of the contest. Only one entry per person. The winner will receive a $5 gift card from Koinonia Coffee House. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Must be 18 years old or older to win.

Winners will be be notified the day after the trivia. Winners must pick up their prizes in person from Koinonia Coffee House within 5 business days. Photo ID must be shown to the cashier to claim prize. Any winner who does not claim their prize within 5 business days of notification will forfeit their prize. We are not responsible for incorrect contact information (i.e. non functioning email address) or winning notification emails from us that end up in the winning contestants spam folder. Contest rules are subject to change.

That’s it! We are extremely thankful for Koinonia’s generosity in sponsoring our trivia. Make sure that “Like” Koinonia on Facebook, “Follow” them on Twitter, and most importantly, that you show them some love by purchasing some delicious coffee, sandwiches, salads, frappes, and desserts from them. You’ll be supporting the pour!

Interior images of Koinonia:

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