Getting exercise along the Metro Parkway

Spring has arrived. A light dusting of pollen is in the air, azaleas are blooming their pinks and whites, and hanging out with the weather feels good!

In West Jackson, residents are using this wonderful weather to make good on their new year promise to stay in shape. (You remember that promise?) Many have chosen the Metro Parkway as their stomping ground for exercise.

On early mornings you can see people walking briskly along the parkway to get a little exercise in before work. In the late afternoons, you’ll see the occasional student taking a jog or a family riding bikes along the parkway’s bike trail. One evening, I even saw a group riding the trail in full cycling gear…bike lights and all!

If you live near Jackson State University or downtown, the Metro Parkway is a good, free exercise option for you. Casual joggers and walkers use the parkway’s sidewalks while cross country runners seem to prefer jogging along the grassy median. And, as mentioned before, cyclist can ride along the parkway’s adjacent bike trail.

The full length of the parkway, from Mill Street to Wiggins St., is approximately 1.7 miles.  So grab your workout gear and/or your bicycle and hop to it!

P.S. Please excuse the photography. I didn’t have the most awesome of cameras today, so these pics are posted to give you an idea of how the parkway looks.

The north side of the parkway has 2 concrete pathways--one for cycling and one for pedestrians.

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