Rooks calls checkmate at Swiss flea markets

Several months ago, Dr. Bill Cooley approached me with an excellent idea for the blog. He had just come across an article in the New York Times that featured a young man who he believed grew up in West Jackson. What intrigued Dr. Cooley was the fact that the young gentleman was in Switzerland making a living by shopping at flea markets!

We’ve all been to flea markets. They are places with various vendors and a variety of furniture, clothing, and nick nacks (aka odds & ends). Well, the guy in the article frequents these places with keen eyes for the purposes of stocking his online store, Quintessentia.

The gentleman’s name is Arthur Rooks, and judging from his store’s stock, he has frequently called checkmate on rare finds at local flea markets. His mom, Barbara Rooks-Jackson, still lives in West Jackson.

Click here to check out the great New York Times article about West Jackson native, Arthur Rooks.

3 Comments on Rooks calls checkmate at Swiss flea markets

  1. Great find! I think this is important for everyone in Jackson, the area, and all of Mississippi to see. One of the things that frustrates me here in MS is a general lack of consideration for the rest of the world, how other people live, etc.

    It’s great to see a local person thriving in another locale.

  2. deborah Rae Wright // July 9, 2011 at 6:27 pm // Reply

    I never delete these, as I’m often behind, so I’m just reading about Arthur Rooks and, once again, Curnis has hit it on this article about this successful designer/innovator/entrepreneur of the highest order – what an eye! What a delight to look through the virtual store and his home! Great Job Mr. Rooks and Mr. Upkins, III.

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