Voice of Calvary seeks input from residents on master plan concept

Voice of Calvary Ministries has been living by the mantra of rebuilding communities and changing lives for well over three decades. Phil Reed, the executive director of VOCM and a West Jackson resident, has envisioned revitalized neighborhoods on the west side for many, many years. Now, it appears that the organization would like to cast a broader vision.

VOCM is in the process of applying for funding to support a master plan for West Jackson. This plan will involve the input of interested residents and stakeholders. To get an idea of what’s involved in crafting the plan, VOCM is inviting interested persons to attend a public hearing tomorrow in their offices (531 W. Capitol St., accessible from the Robert Smith Sr. Parkway, next to Koinonia Coffee House). The hearing starts at 9:00 a.m.

Here’s the invitation in their words:

Notice of Public Hearing

Voice of Calvary Ministries is applying for a grant from the Mississippi Development Authority, Disaster Recovery Division, under the 2008 Supplemental Disaster Recovery Fund, Community Development Block Grant Program.  This application is for funds to conduct a master planning process for west Jackson.  The targeted area is bounded by Ellis Avenue on the west, to Fortification Street on the north, to Gallatin Street on the east to Highway 80 on the south.  If approved, the funds will be used to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for this area that will survey the physical, economic, social and political conditions to determine a course of action for re-vitalization that will serve to coordinate stakeholders, and to identify key public and private interventions, including rehabilitation of existing houses and buildings, as well as new construction.  This process will be driven by the needs identified by community residents and stakeholders.  A public hearing to solicit input from local residents and other interested parties will be held on Wednesday, February 29th at 9:00am at the Voice of Calvary Ministries office, 531 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, MS.  Please direct questions to Phil Reed by telephone at 601-969-3088, ext. 12, or via email to philreed@vocm.org.


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