JSU Builds “Circle of Humanity”

JSU recently constructed the Circle of Humanity at one of the key gateways into campus on the corner of Dalton and Lynch Street. The Circle of Humanity displays 60 flags which showcase the many different countries that JSU students represent. Some of these countries include Jamaica, Mexico, and Great Britain.

According to President Meyers, “This concept is letting Mississippi and the world know that Jackson State University welcomes anyone and everyone from wherever who wants to learn. The students picked the location so that our message is front and center as people approach our campus, and the College of Liberal Arts touches all learners”.

The Circle of Humanity is almost finished and when it is complete it will feature a fountain in the center.

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2 Comments on JSU Builds “Circle of Humanity”

  1. Charles Allen // December 13, 2015 at 9:45 am // Reply

    As a dedicated humanitarian activist and true life poem writer and author, I congratulate JSU for designing and creating the circle of humanity, which does clearly indicate that there is no beginning and there is no ending within the true existance of love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, peace and unity within the circle of humanity. The fountain in the center, as I see and accept it, is the fountain of all human life, symbolizing Live and let Live within the circle of humanity. One truth the World must start understanding and accepting is, that every human being is born free and is unique, and does not come off from some political, religious or racial brain washing production line like a bunch of robots. All human beings have the right to be treated fairly, with quality and with dignity, and I believe this is what the circle of humanity is all about.

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