Vernon Hartley Organizes the ‘Tree Stump Attack’ Project

Vernon Hartley is a resident and active member in West Jackson and belongs to the Pecan Park Neighborhood Association. Over the past several months he noticed several tree stumps in his community and he wanted to help his community get rid of the tree stumps. He calls it the “Tree Stump Attack” project in which he rents special equipment to grind down large stumps throughout the community. In the past year he has helped over 20 residents get rid of old tree stumps in people’s yards in an effort to beautify the landscape of individuals home and make yards safe for residents to use.

Hartley says, “The large oak stump are the most difficult and it takes 3 hours to ground down the stump; a testament to the trees toughness and heritage”. He does this work at no charge to the community and is happy to help.

He continues to take requests from other residents in his community and focuses on stumps in people’s front yards. When Mr. Hartley completes his work he encourages the home owner to plant a garden or a fruit tree in place of the old tree stump.

Mr. Hartley also is in charge of organizing and planning Pecan Park’s Neighborhood clean up days and is the commissioner for the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority.

Below are a few pictures of the Tree Stump Attack project.

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