ZAPP Hosts Rally at Jackson Zoo, Monday

On Monday, January 16, 2023 (MLK Day), Zoo Area Progressive Partnership will coordinate a Rally for West Jackson and the Jackson Zoo to be held in front of the Jackson Zoo, 2918 West Capitol St, Jackson, MS.


MLK Day is historically a day of service. ZAPP has been organizing projects on MLK Day for over a decade coordinating everything from trash pick-ups on Capitol Street, landscaping projects, community art projects, and more. All these projects focus on improving the Zoo and Capitol Street corridor. This year, ZAPP coordinated a Rally for West Jackson and The Jackson Zoo on MLK Day to give supporters an organized way to advocate and support the Zoo and West Jackson.

The rally’s purpose for West Jackson and the Jackson Zoo is to show the City, community, news media, Zoo staff, etc., widespread support for the Zoo and the community surrounding it. The Zoo has been a significant economic driver for the city in the past and could be that again. Our Zoo is a 100-year-old institution in the heart of West Jackson, surrounded by historic neighborhoods. As an anchor institution in West Jackson, the successful revitalization of the surrounding communities is directly tied to the success of the Jackson Zoo.

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1 Comment on ZAPP Hosts Rally at Jackson Zoo, Monday

  1. This event is such an important aspect in support for the Zoo the the community! Hope it is successful and well attended!

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