Stamps Super Burgers Gets ‘Historic’ Renovations

Over the past three months, Stamps Super Burgers has undergone some renovations because of its historic value to the community. They were able to repair and replace siding on the building, where it had started to wither and lose paint. They also repaired the framing around the windows that where decaying and crumbling. Lastly, Stamps was able to refurbish the original sign in front of the building that you can now clearly read, “The Original Big Burger, Stamps Burger, The Best In Town”.

Check out the before and after photos from historic preservation efforts. These renovations were made possible by a grant from the National Trust of Historic Preservation.

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2 Comments on Stamps Super Burgers Gets ‘Historic’ Renovations

  1. Fran Bridges // January 20, 2023 at 12:34 am // Reply

    Congratulations to the Stamps Super Burger Family..This is wonderful for West Jackson and our City. Proud moments!

  2. Good for the Neighborhood! This is a positive reflection in the city where so many negative things being seen!

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